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Phaedra 4 væg

Phaedra 4 væg 150 150 Claus Frovin

About Phaedra: ”The eyes flash and fill with tears of despair, while desperation shines from her. Marina Bouras is absolutely masterful in the title role, playing with a passionate non-commitment that takes our breath away. Her thin and bony body writhes in jealousy, remorse and a quivering thirst for revenge from end to end. She lets Phaedra permeate her entire corpus, so that we can feel the wild range of emotions she goes through, right down to the bones. Every scream and every declaration of love sticks. Bouras is Phaedra.”

Phaedra Iscene

Phaedra Iscene 150 150 Claus Frovin

About Phaedra: “Marina Bouras is made for the role. Tense as a spring in the slender body. Reaching out for the desired, writhing after the rejection, screaming for revenge, hissing out her monstrous shame. False to Theseus, but in the end true to her desire. Again chiseled as the image of statuary pain.”

Phaedra Kristeligt Dagblad

Phaedra Kristeligt Dagblad 150 150 Claus Frovin

About Phaedra: “…a fantastic acting performance by Marina Bouras. Silently, she alternates between the sly and calculating queen mother, who lies and plots, and the hopelessly madly in love, who burns with unrequited longing and bitter hypocrisy. A natural force of self-destruction. She generously uses her entire slender stature as an image of the changing moods, the desire, the monumental jealousy, the thirst for revenge and the shame that permeates every fiber of the tortured woman’s body.”

Boys in zink Reumert

Boys in zink Reumert 150 150 Claus Frovin

About Boys in Zink: “With a stone face and dead eyes, she became the epitome of the horrors of war as the mother whose son had fallen in Afghanistan. Her hands scraped down her cheeks as if she were trying to peel away the sadness. The traumatized body trembled desperately and in agony. Inconsolable and unforgettable.”

Phaedra Information

Phaedra Information 150 150 Claus Frovin

About Phaedra: “Marina Bouras is fabulous in the tragic lead role in Phaedra at Husets Theater. She has a radiance like an apparition: Creepy, skinless, trembling – and completely out of reach.”